UNITED COIR FACTORY is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer & exporter of residential and industrial type mats from India. Coming from the land of serene green backwaters of Kerala, the company has always been a part of environment-friendly furnishing. UCF is registered as a partnership company and its partners include Mr.Bhoopathy Gopal, Mr. Babu Gopal and Mr.Saleem Gopal. The company has been in the coir industry since 1935 and has gained goodwill and a credible position in the International Market.

Products are currently exported to USA, Canada, West Indies, Israel, France, Germany, Australia, Greece, Taiwan, New Zealand, Korea,Japan,UK, Italy, South Africa. UCF is also geared to develop products to individual customer specifications. At present the Company is capable of producing a wide range of coir products & Rubber Mats and its specialty products are Area Rugs, Latex backed, All borders, Cotton / Jacquard tape bound,Industrail Rubber Matting etc.

The products are manufactured from clean mattress fiber being hand processed at every stage by expert staffs. They can be produced as a 100% natural material without any other bonding or synthetic materials backing to give extra strength to the product. Our manufacturing strength is matched by it's stringent quality control process. From the procurement of yarn to weaving, our strict quality inspection ensures that the customers received only zero defect material.

The monthly production capacity of UCF - 24 X 40' containers / month